BEEF GRADING



Hennessy technology can be configured to accurately grade beef carcasses for % lean meat yield and various objective quality traits. The system can be customised so that the yield prediction analysis for different beef breeds is operating.

For yield measurement it is necessary to probe each carcass in various preselected sites. The measurements must be made using a Hennessy probe Guidance mechanism or a Robotic device to ensure that insertion and withdrawal by the operator occurs in the same coordinate plane. In addition to the use of a guide for beef carcasses, the interface recognition software in the probe, has to be specifically configured for Beef animals.




Using this configuration HGS undertook a small scale trial to assess its predictive accuracy. We are confident that no other currently available system is comparable in terms of speed, predictive accuracy for lean meat yield and measuring meat quality.



Hennessy technology believe early post mortem yield measurement allows more efficient prediction. This is based on the premise that some of the significant yield predictors undergo an increase in information entropy due to the physical, chemical and thermal changes, in or applied to, the carcass during processing procedures. An example of this is the gravitational creep of fat and muscle tissue due to the suspension of the carcass.



There are many objective traits in beef meat quality that can be identified by Hennessy technology. Marbling is a strong contributor to eating quality. Marbling grades can be differentiated by Hennessy technology with a line density count in each of the LD sites. Other traits such as beef drip loss and colour are approached using the same analytical method that Hennessy technology uses for Pork and Lamb.