Hennessy Technology has been manufacturing optoelectronic meat grading probes in New Zealand. Throughout this period and despite competition from more expensive and more complicated technology, we continue to break our products into new markets. We believe our success stems from our products simplicity of use, competitive pricing, long term reliability and proven capability gained from our long-term presence in the worldwide meat industry.




Our Staff
Within our current staff we have speakers of English, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Malay, Persian and Afrikaans to assist you in understanding our product and service.


Product Development
Many countries support companies building carcass digital processing terminals that can with digital weight scales be connected to Hennessy technology to form more effective systems. For companies that want very basic carcass evaluation systems. Hennessy probes can be  connected to a Laptop or PC or with a mains voltage and connections to printers label and standard.

Hennessy subject to time, finance and production considerations operate a continuous on going technology advancement program that targets adding to the cost effective advantages of using Hennessy technology within and outside of the Meat Industry to the benefit of all, especially the welfare of Livestock.